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My love for songwriting and creating music led me to pursue an education in audio engineering and music production. I enjoy collaborating with others and helping them achieve the sound they are looking for. My goal is to help provide the inspiration and creative environment allowing your musical ideas to reach their full potential. 


I offer services in:

  • Live studio recording with a vocal room

  • Session mix down using EQ, compression, effects, gain staging and pitch correction

  • Mastering & post production using mastering limiters, compressors, effects and EQ to enhance the stereo image for commercial release


I offer services in:

  • Mixing foley, background & design effects for film, video games, audio publications and other interactive media

  • Music composition for film, video games & audio publications

  • Song writing, arranging & various musical instrumentation



  • Warm Audio WA87 R2 Large diaphragm condenser mic

  • Shure SMB7 Cardioid dynamic mic

  • Rode NTK Large diaphragm tube condenser mic

  • Oktava MK219 Large diaphragm condenser mic

  • (2) Sterling Audio ST55 FET Large diaphragm condenser mic

  • Lewit LCT 040 (matched) Small diaphragm condenser mics 

Signal processors:

  • Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre Audio interface

  • Golden Age Project Pre - 73 Premier Mic pre amp

  • Golden Age Project Pre - 73 MKII Mic pre amp

  • Warm Audio TB12 Mic pre amp

  • Klark Teknik 76 - KT Limiter amp

  • Warm Audio EQP - WA Tube EQ

  • Yamaha & Adam Audio Studio Monitors

  • Audient Nero Monitor controller

  • Mogami Studio Cables


  • Logic Pro X ~ Waves ~ Native Instruments ~ EastWest

Eric Anderson, erictandersonmedia, audio engineer, post production, Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X, Session mix down
Studio live recording, vocal live room, erictandersonmedia, Kyle Barber
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My fine art training has laid a strong foundation for my digital art and graphic design work. Whether we're mocking up a book cover, a company logo or a CD album design, I look forward to creating a beautiful finished product that completely meets your artistic and design needs.


I offer services in:

  • Company brand identity & logo design

  • Book, magazine & audio CD album cover art

  • Website consulting & design

  • Photo editing & retouching


I offer services in:

  • Creating art & graphics for advertising, entertainment, education & science

  • Creating original illustrations and images for commissioned work


  • Adobe: Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign/ Express/ Acrobat

  • Procreate on iPad Pro

Adobe Photoshop, erictandersonmedia, digital illustration, Taichi, digital poster,
erictandersonmedia, digital art, digital illustration, fantasy art, Adobe Photoshop, Lord of the Rings, Eric T Anderson,
erictandersonmedia, Darth Revan, Star Wars Story,Adobe Photoshop, Star Wars, digital illustration,
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I studied fine art at Northwest College of Art & Design in Poulsbo, WA. My focus was figure work and portraiture. I have exhibited my work throughout the Pacific Northwest and have taught art workshops for children and adults. Art was my first love as a kid and that creative spirit continues to thrive today. I'd love to create something unique and beautiful for you!


I offer services in:

  • Original art for sale

  • Limited prints available upon request (Giclee)

  • Commissioned artwork upon request


I offer services in:

  • Art instruction for different skill levels and subject matter 

  • Tutorials in a variety of art mediums including charcoal, pencil, soft pastel, colored pencil, acrylic and oil paint

erictandersonmedia, fine art, graphite drawing, charcoal, pencil art,
erictandersonmedia, fine art, portrait, commission art, charcoal,
Fine art, soft pastel, erictandersonmedia, french girl, original fine art,
erictandersonmedia, Fine art, portraiture,
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